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I’ve long admired our friend, Mark Russell and his passion to help businessmen and women see their Work as an Opportunity to make a Difference. Over the years he’s written several books and published several others through his publishing group. 

When we decided to create a Work as Worship Video Driven Small Group Study to get in the hands of thousands of churches Mark came holding everything with open hands and asked how he could help 

He was gracious enough to work with us to repurpose some interviews with the CEO’s of Pepsi Co, Tyson Foods, Charity: Water, TOMS Shoes and combine it with excerpts from the messages delivered by Norm Miller, Chairman of Interstate Batteries and David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby. 

It was released in conjunction with the kit this spring. Here’s the description: 

Work as Worship: How the CEOs of Interstate Batteries, Hobby Lobby, PepsiCo, Tyson Foods and more bring meaning to their work. 

Built around twelve themes: calling, leadership, character, success, money, stewardship, balance, disciplines, relationships, pluralism, ethics and giving, Work as Worship opens our collective eyes to the spiritual nature and mission of our daily work.

Written by respected business leaders from well-known brands (Hobby Lobby, Interstate Batteries, PepsiCo, TOMS Shoes, etc.), Work as Worship creates a space for ongoing community and conversation on these important issues.

To purchase, visit the RightNow Store by clicking here. 

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