Work Redefined

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Why do we work? What is the purpose of our work, which can take so many hours in our day? This reflective illustration shows how we are divinely placed, wherever we work. It is our opportunity to worship the God who m...

Why Tim Keller Wants You to Stay in That Job You Hate

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There are few better places in the world where Tim Keller could write a book about career and calling. "New York City is a place where people live in order to work," says the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in ...

Jobs for Life – Flipping the List to Make a Difference

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Recently I was introduced to the team at Jobs for Life. I love their short video that tells their story. Jobs for Life is a biblically-based job readiness program that operates in 33 states. The program’s focus is on ...


What is Work as Worship?

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What is Work as Worship? Many people spend a great deal of time at work and yet they don’t see how their work intersects with their faith. One of our passions at RightNow is helping people realize that there isn’t ...

The Work Rap

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We just released this hilarious new rap video that chronicles what it's like to go to work. One year ago our Bluefish TV team took a risk and created a rap about parenting that we creatively titled THE PARENT RAP a...


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Are you worshipping work? This clever illustration challenges you not to worship your work, but to use your talents and skills in the marketplace where God calls you

Real-life Stories

The Hobby Lobby Story

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How can you worship God through your work? CEO and Founder of Hobby Lobby, David Green, shares how he uses his God-given talents and resources in business to enlarge God's kingdom and to serve his employees and custom...

Project 7 with Matt Chandler and Tyler Merrick

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Tyler was very successful in his family's business, but he felt God calling him to something more. Tyler used the gifts and the dreams that God gave him to start a company that would give back to the community. Tyler ...

Building Boats for the Glory of God – Nautique Boats

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Bill Yeargin, President and CEO of Correct Craft, and others, describe the rich history and faith culture of Correct Craft. Correct Craft, which builds Nautique boats, was founded by the Melloon family with the missio...

A Business with Compassion – David Platt and Warren Averett Accounting

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This real-life story connects a local church, a business, and Compassion International. David Platt, Senior Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, talks about how they encourage people to use their skills and areas of w...

Witness at Work – Air Traffic Controller

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Work/Life Balance in Business: The Story of

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Co-founders Henry Kaestner (Executive Chairman) and David Morkin (CEO) talk about the values of, a successful internet connectivity business. David, John and others in the company share how their work/li...

Created to Create – Ralph Lauren

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Megan shares how her career as a designer for Ralph Lauren in New York City is really her mission field. Both in the way she reflects the character of the Infinite Creator through exceptional design, and how she can l...

Integrity is Who We Are – Bridgeway Capital

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Bridgeway Capital Management is an investment management fund. John Montgomery, Founder & Chariman, and Mike Mulcahy, President, share how integrity and financial responsibility is the Christian foundation in how ...

Building God’s Kingdom – Betenbough Home Builders

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In this real-life story, learn how one major construction firm, Betenbough Home Builders, intentionally invests their lives and their profits into their people and into Kingdom work.

The Grove – Barnhart Crane and Rigging

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Alan Barnhart is the CEO of Barnhart Crane and Rigging, one of the largest heavy lifting and heavy transport companies in the world. He and his brother, Eric, have grown the business into a $250 million company with 2...

A Church Profile: Apostles Church

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JR Vassar, Lead Pastor of Apostles Church, talk about their commitment to disciple the people of Apostles Church for their public life in the marketplace and in their communities. Members of apostles share how they ho...

Serving in S. Central LA – Lisa from Mosaic

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Lisa always wanted to be a missionary and dreamed of living in another country. After becoming a physician, she realized that she could best serve the poor in east Los Angeles. Dr. Lisa traded in a lucrative career to...

A New Kind of Missionary – FedEx Story

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Your work matters to God. In this real-life story, Dean shares how God is using his career as a FedEx lawyer to impact God's Kingdom in a way that only he could. Dean is on mission for God as a new kind of missionary ...

Playgrounds with a Purpose

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Jay Robertson, President of Child’s Play, Inc., talks about how he stepped out in faith to start the playground charity, Playgrounds with a Purpose. Teaming up with other organizations, Playgrounds with a Purpose buil...

Building for God – David Weekley

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David Weekley, Founder & Chairman of David Weekley Homes shares the struggles and victories of his very successful homebuilding company. He uses his faith and God-given skills and gives 50% of his income and 50% o...

Red Dot 100x

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The Red Dot 100X ministry started out of a dream to expand a successful business into a ministry that serves others. They leverage their profits to help others. This company encourages and helps employees meet the nee...

Jeff – Chickfila Story

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Jeff loves to be around people and so he chose to work in the restaurant business instead of a desk job. Jeff uses his gift and passion for business and people to glorify God in the three restaurants he owns. He feels...

Leading by Serving – The Cardone Story

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Cardone Industries is the largest privately-owned re-manufacturer of auto parts in the country. In this story, Founder Michael Cardone shares how he was called by God into business. Michael, along with his son and dau...


A Million Little Choices

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If we could picture the future and see the accumulation of our decisions, how differently would we live today? This insightful illustration compels us to consider every little decision we make.  

In Here Out There

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The church is our training ground and the world is our mission field. This reflective illustration inspires us to find strength in the church and put our faith in action outside its walls.  

Morning Prayer – Alarm Clock Illustration

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Our lives touch others as we work, raise kids, volunteer, and hang out with friends. This moving illustration inspires us to live out each day with the mission to make an impact for Christ.  

Customer is King

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Every marketing slogan screams that we're number one and nothing else matters. Consumer-driven culture is creeping into the church and can sidetrack us from our mission. This compels us to ask, "Is life really all abo...

More Famous Failures

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Sometimes we look at people who have achieved a great deal of success and wrongly think that everything must have come easy for them. This powerful video illustration takes us inside some famous lives so we can see th...

Fire Station Failure

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This amusing illustration shows the results of training for a job but never doing the job. What would happen if we didn’t venture out of our “training center” to bring Christ to a hurting world. This clip is includ...